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Le discours sur l'état de l'Union de Barack Obama, hip hop version

Julien Landfried le 28 Février 2009 à 10:48

Par le dénommé Alphacat :-)

Les paroles :

Madam Speaker, Vice president Biden, Members of Congress and fellow citizens
It is my pleasure to stand here before you theres a lot we need to talk about
So lets get down to business.

Our economy is in a crisis
and with you all Ive made a pact,
To help fix this incredible nation
And get this country back on track.

Thanks to Congress for passing
the plan for which I took lots of flack
now let me explain more the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Now this package isnt perfect
And you can oppose my plan forever,
But if were opposites lets be magnets
And find a way to pull together.

If we dont act now now
The results could be lethal
So lets make sacrifices
To accommodate
interests of a range of people.

And yes my plan is lots of work
And no its not at all fun
But lets put Americans to work
Doing the work America needs done.

Now it all starts with energy
And weve already got the tools
So well focus on
wind, solar and also bio-fuel.

Were the land of the free,
With dedication and toil
Before the end of my term
Ill end the tyranny of oil.

Now we cant fix out budget
Without doing realistic math
So by 2013
I plan to cut the deficit in half.

People say thats over ambitious well
Let me put it this way
Would you rather over ambitious
Or a president who looks away?

Now let me be clear,
On how exactly thisll work,
It starts with tax cuts likely around
April 1rst.

And well count the cost of war,
And well put it in plain sight
For years weve been at war
Well no longer hide the price.

We have a pre-existing condition
We can no longer ignore
America is longer overdue for
Health care reform.

Now heres the point I make
We will rebuild
We will recover
But long term investments
We have to embrace just like a brother.

I suffer no illusions
This is a huge undertaking,
But with everyones involvement
This is history in the making.

Now my first month in office
Let me recap, let me revisit
Cause I got a lot done,
But some say that I didnt.

I did an Arab TV interview
To bridge the gap that was left
I addressed mutal interest
And I addressed mutual respect.

I passed a bill for kids
Who need medical attention
Its called the SCHIP legislation
And its awesome I might mention..

Im here and I mean business
Im smart and I think lateral
Im here to rattle the capitol
Just like

I signed the Fair Pay Act
that prevents pay discrimination
equal pay for equal work
from now on all across the nation.

And I signed the Stimulus Bill
Through pain, cold sweats and shivering
But thanks to all of Congress
For coming through and delivering.

You can sit back and judge
And say my plan is less than svelte,
But no ones got this much this fast
Since Franklin Roosevelt.

Now Im all for the people
So Im open to suggestions..
Mr. President , what do you think of my impression?
Please, hold all your questions.

Its time for us to lead again
For this nation to be reborn
Weve needed changes for decades
But we still delay reform.

Now Im not Jesus Christ
And I cant save all creation
Im just President Barack Obama
Addressing the state of the nation.

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