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Boybama, le boys band pro Obama pour séduire les mères de famille blanches

Julien Landfried le 22 Octobre 2008 à 12:00

Le buzz du jour : un boys band hilarant, qui veut convaincre toutes les mamans blanches que Barack Obama est le bon candidat.

Les paroles de Battleground for Your Heart :

I know that things between us haven't always been
A picture perfect love affair
You've always had a very independent mind
But you're on a bridge that's goin' nowhere

And I knew
From the start
That you'd play
Such a key part
in this election
Everyday they try
to keep us apart
It's a battleground for your heart
Battleground for your heart

The other guys'll try to make you think they care
And then they'll turn turn their back on you
But if we spice it up and really make a change
There's nothin' here that we can't do

It's been eight long years
And we've cried so many tears
But it's time to make a new start
So I fight
On this
Battleground for your heart

What can I do
What can I say
You're all that I want
In every way
All that you are
Is all that I need
Dont make me conceed

[Lil’ Joey]
McCain was dead in the water
In the polls he was failin
So he picked up his phone
And he dialed Sarah Palin
He said "Miss, I got a problem.
I'm as old as the hills.
My campaign needs some help -
Straight talk? We need a milf.
And just like that, ma, you became the main event
A white woman undecided
They all want you in their tent
But if you care about me
There's only one way to go
Do you feel me Mom?

And I know that it's hard
When you play such a big part
In the fate of the world
You are my stripes
And my stars
In this Battleground... for your heart
Battleground for your heart

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